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The eight tracks on Songman in India cover a broad spectrum of emotions, skilfully balancing the tragic with the upbeat and jaunty songs of love and optimism. Ensuring the success of this major project is a stellar ensemble consisting of Howard Cairns (double bass), Raju Sharma (tabla), Dene Ford (electric guitar), Michael Jordan (drums), Sandro Donati (trumpet), Rodney Waterman (recorder), Kavisha Mazzella (vocals), Ramona Ray-Greig (vocals) and Ricky Ozimo (saxophone).
Peter Dougherty
Arts Reviewer
Diamond Valley News

Songman in India signals the return of classic folk. Take a musical journey with Robbie Greig as he recounts his days in India after a terrible fire in Varkala. You will cry and laugh and enjoy the music as you make your way from the first song to the last. Even when you know that a song is going to be a sad tale you keep on listening because the lyrics tell the story so well. The album truly is a beautiful and sad memoir of a very eventful trip. Robbie’s songwriting is very engaging. With the first song you are drawn into the story and you don’t want to stop listening because you really want to know how everything ends. The songs that stand out the most are the ones that show off Robbie’s unique vocal style, like At Varkala Beach and Reckless. Songman In India is a musical tale that you must hear.
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Andrea Guy

Songman in India is pure troubadour material, using truth, humour and allegory to inform and enlighten, and leave you thinking about the big world around you when it’s done. The songs are very well written, showing a rich variety of stylistic influences.
Wildy Haskell

Dedicated to ‘all those trying to rebuild their lives after catastrophe’, this Melbourne-based project is a kind of concept album revolving around Robbie Greig’s travels in India. The music skilfully blends jazz, blues and world music touches. It’s hugely accomplished, well-meaning and worthy.
Stephen Fall
Ice Cream for Quo Magazine

‘Maker of music, maker of magic.’
Melbourne Times

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