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Robbie Greig (songwriter, guitarist, vocalist) cut his musical teeth in the Melbourne coffeehouse scene in the ’70s, performing his originals at such venues as The Outpost Inn, One C One and The Troubadour. In the ’80s he hit the pub circuit with his own brand of rock-reggae, fronting the bands Spiritz and Paleface. In the ’90s he developed a unique acoustic-based rock sound, and with his band The Sanctuary continued to make an impact at music festivals around Australia. In the Naughties, Robbie fronted a jazz-roots combo called The Wayfarers which featured prominent Melbourne musicians Howard Cairns (bass), Dene Ford (guitar) and Michael Jordan (drums). These days, Robbie is performing either solo or in a trio with violin wizard Matthew Arnold and talented percussionist/singer David Johnston. The repertoire continues to be all-original. Robbie’s eleventh album, Thunder From a Clear Sky, has just been released on Skulduggery Records.

Robbie is known as a gifted songwriter who is able to mine a deep vein of musical influences and life experiences to deliver finely-crafted songs with immediate appeal. His songs are characterized by catchy riff-driven grooves, strong melodies, smart lyrics and choruses that listeners enjoy singing along to. Incorporating rock, blues, jazz, reggae and troubadour-folk elements, and ranging widely from love themes to wry humour to social commentary to songs of personal reflection, Robbie’s material is varied but presented in a style that is distinctly his own.

Robbie’s work has been recognized by the Australia Council, the Australian Songwriters Association, Eltham Arts Council, Leader Newspapers and 3RRR, which have all awarded him grants and prizes. His song Al Saunders’ Garage has been an ABC Radio staple, and his Wurundjeri Sorry Song played frequently on 3CR and Koori stations around Victoria.

Robbie has collaborated with Andy Baylor, Joe Camilleri, David Gulpilil, Bobby Bunungur, Kavisha Mazzella, Kutcha Edwards, Melanie Shanahan, Enda Kenny, Jeff Burstin and Hugh McDonald, amongst others, and has had his compositions used in films, theatre and dance productions. He has recorded 11 albums of original material, ranging from folk to reggae to jazz-rock, and featured on several compilation CDs. Robbie’s music combines the storytelling style of the troubadour with infectious roots and jazz-based stylings. His material is consistently rich in lyric and groove and served up by some of Melbourne’s finest jazz/blues exponents. He has been described as a ‘maker of music, maker of magic’ by the Melbourne Times, and as ‘the Bob Dylan of the Melbourne Hills’ by 3RRR presenter Rick E Vengeance.


First Impressions
One Tree Hill Productions
Spirit Of Liberty
One Tree Hill Productions
Collaboration with David Gulpilil, Sebastian Jorgensen and the Arnhem Land Dance Group
White Bird
One Tree Hill Productions
Cloudburstz Acoustic
Profiling prominent Melbourne musicians , Norris Media Productions
Vintage Spiritz
One Tree Hill Productions
One Tree Hill Productions
This Time Around
One Tree Hill Productions
Living on the Wedge
Featuring a selection of Nillumbik musicians, Shire of Nillumbik
Sing on Songwriter
One Tree Hill Productions
Flotsam and Jetsam
One Tree Hill Productions
A Black Saturday commemorative CD
Songman in India
One Tree Hill Productions
Jack, Jill & Coke, Vol 16
Off The Record Productions
It Ain’t Over Yet
One Tree Hill Productions
Marked Man
One Tree Hill Productions
Skulduggery Records
Thunder From a Clear Sky
Skulduggery Records





First Impressions1980


Wurundjeri Sorry Song2000


Sing On Songwriter2004


Songman in India2009


Spirit of Liberty 1986


White Bird1993


This Time Around2000


Flotsam and Jetsam2006


Marked Man2015




Thunder From a Clear Sky2023


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Bob Dylan meets Tom Petty meets traces of Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles. It’s not easy to write songs that remind us of the greats from days gone by, but Greig has really done a masterful job in doing so. This is timeless music that doesn’t come around as often as it used to. Relatable stories, masterful instrumentation choices and productions, and a variance in style that keeps the album interesting but never feels disjointed, Robbie Greig has created a truly enjoyable collection of tunes. Gravity is a must-listen for fans of 70’s folk tunes, or anyone looking to be reminded of the classic music of days gone by with a modern edge.

The Ark of Music

Complete review: https://thearkofmusic.com/robbie-greig-gravity/

Marked Man

Robbie Greig’s 2015 release, Marked Man, paints a consistently attractive picture of the artist’s skills as a singer/songwriter. There isn’t a weak song to be found on this CD, which is a solid roots rock effort that recalls the singer/songwriters of the 1970s and 1980s. Melodically, lyrically and vocally, Greig is very much a product of the 1970s and 1980s. So it isn’t surprising that Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen are direct or indirect influences on this album. Happily, Marked Man favors an organic production style, which works well with Greig’s earthy vocals. Marked Man never sounds slick or overproduced, and Greig is well served by a rootsy-sounding group of musicians that includes Gary Soloman on electric bass, Andrew Fueggle on acoustic piano and organ, Justin Humphries on drums and Ramona Ray-Greig, Jacqui Bell, Kate Berry and Chaya Ray-Greig on backing vocals. Greig himself contributes guitar and keyboards in addition to singing, and his lack of slickness is a definite plus. The Land Down Under has had its share of roots rockers over the years. And on Marked Man, Greig fits in well with the Australian roots rock tradition. Marked Man is a memorable example of what Greig has to offer as a singer/songwriter, and his CDs are well worth exploring.

4 stars out of 5

Review by Alex Henderson:

Reviewer for Billboard magazine:


Authentic is a 12-track release by Australian singer-songwriter Robbie Greig. Harmonica, mandolin, violin, electric guitar and plenty of backing harmonies all work to make up this album. But at the centre of everything is always Greig’s trusty guitar. His song structures are very melodic, and the female backing vocals in tracks like “The Way It Used To Be” give this album a warm, island feel. With a similar style to James Taylor or Bob Dylan, you’ll find yourself growing quickly attracted to Greig’s work. It’s his bluesy, jazz-infused tracks, attention to songwriting, and slightly raspy vocals that have drawn him constant comparisons with Dylan over the years. Greig is able to blend genres like a master chef into a playful, inviting brew that showcases his years of experience. There’s something eminently charming about his signature sound and his delivery. It’s warm, inviting, and creatively honest, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to. Authentic is a quality, worthwhile release, with many memorable tracks and many pertinent things to say. If you found the time to delve further into Greig’s catalogue of 11 releases, listeners are guaranteed to find enjoyment in the rest of his work.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Review by Alec Cunningham


Sing On Songwriter

Sing On Songwriter deserves to be a big success, as it is, in my opinion, Robbie Greig’s best work to date. It combines his superior lyric writing talent with a creative blend of styles and moods, and contains many melodic hooks. He is one of few artists who are able to write stories that are truly worth telling. Sing on, songwriter!

Robyn Keane

Leader Newspapers


Songman In India

The eight tracks on Songman in India cover a broad spectrum of emotions, skilfully balancing the tragic with the upbeat and jaunty songs of love and optimism. Ensuring the success of this major project is a stellar ensemble consisting of Howard Cairns (double bass), Raju Sharma (tabla), Dene Ford (electric guitar), Michael Jordan (drums), Sandro Donati (trumpet), Rodney Waterman (recorder), Kavisha Mazzella (vocals), Ramona Ray-Greig (vocals) and Ricky Ozimo (saxophone).

Peter Dougherty (Arts Reviewer)

Diamond Valley News

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